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Injuries from car accidents range from whiplash and other soft tissue injury to more serious and even fatal injuries. Motor vehicle accidents are common, but that does not mean every case is the same. You may feel confident with your insurance and claim, but if you are struggling to find answers call Blunck Law, LLC to see if we can help.

If you are thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit because of a car accident or some other accident that left you with monetary, physical and/or emotional damages, the liable party may be held accountable for compensatory relief.

What Is Your Case Worth?

Most personal injury and car accident damages are called economic and noneconomic, and are intended to compensate the injured party, the plaintiff, due to loss from an accident or injury.

How do you know what your case is worth? Many facts are taken into consideration including: medical treatment, property loss, emotional distress, loss of income, and loss of enjoyment or companionship. In some cases where the person at fault, or defendant, is excessively reckless, punitive damages may be awarded on top of economic and noneconomic damages. Punitive damages are usually applied to punish the defendant for an outrageously careless act.

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About Our Mediation Facilities

Our office building has several conference rooms ranging in varying sizes to accommodate groups from 2 to 20 people. Our larger conference rooms are commonly used for mediations and arbitrations, allowing the smaller conference rooms to be used as break-out rooms for parties to meet in private. You may rent any of our conference rooms even if Larry is not acting as the Mediator or Arbitrator.

Our one-story office building is handicap accessible with two restrooms, a small kitchenette with sink, refrigerator and microwave, and all conference rooms are equipped with Keurig coffee brewers. We have easy access to I-205, and free parking in the front of the building.

Se Habla Español

Larry Blunck lived in Peru for five years and speaks Spanish fluently. If you or your client is Spanish speaking, Larry is able to communicate confidently in Spanish.

Larry Blunck vivió en el Perú por cinco años y habla español con fluidez. Si usted o su cliente habla español, Larry puede comunicarse con confianza en español.

Our Conference Rooms

  • The Columbia Conference Room
    This room is our largest and will comfortably accommodate up to 15 people with spacious seating for 10 around the large conference table.
  • The Willamette Conference Room
    This room is large and will comfortably accommodate up to 10 people with spacious seating for 8 around the conference table.
  • The McKenzie Conference Room
    This room is medium in size and will accommodate up to 8 people with spacious seating for 6 around the conference table.
  • The Tualatin Conference Room
    This is a small conference room but is the perfect size for 4 people to meet.

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About Our Mediation Facilities

Our office building has a large conference room and multiple other conference rooms that we use for mediations and arbitrations. We have easy access to I-205, and free parking in the front of our building. Our one-story office building is handicap accessible, and has a kitchenette and two bathrooms, both of which are handicap accessible.

Se Habla Español

I lived in Peru for 5 years and speak Spanish fluently. If you have a Spanish speaking client I would be able to communicate directly with your client in his or her native language.